n a nondisclosure of waiver of patient copayment.
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A spokesman FESCO Tahir Sheikh here Wednesday said that FESCO issued the electricity bill of Rs 4525 of meter installed in the name of Ghulam Mohammad according to its consumption of 368 units so this impression is absolutely wrong that the woman has committed suicide due to FESCO overbilling.
The NEPRA report states that the Ministry of Water and Power has failed to he check the underutilization of power generation companies (Gencos) and corrupt practices of distributing companies (DISCOs) who have been covering p their mismanagement by robbing the consumers by overbilling as 70 percent of the inspected meters are found faulty by the regulators, he added.
Well documented proof that a hospital, a drug company, a medical device company, or almost any kind of healthcare imaginable is bribing physicians, or overbilling Medicare, or Medicaid is wrongdoing the Corporate Whistleblower Center would like to hear about.
SWABI -- Tarbela Dam power house workers and their leaders staged a protest demonstration against the continued overbilling and overcharging by Peshawar Electric Supply Company (Pesco) here on Monday.
Major construction company Lend Lease agreed last week to pay $50 million to avoid fraud charges related to overbilling city, state and federal agencies over the span of a decade for overtime that was never worked.
Greuel said, "We uncovered serious wrongdoing and negligence, including massive overbilling by Express, a lack of oversight by city departments and a poorly negotiated contract by the city.
The buyer, William Duker, was sentenced in 1997 to 33 months in prison and fined $7,500 for overbilling the FDIC and the Resolution Trust Company.
Spears' lawyer Stacy Phillips argued that Mr Kaplan was overbilling and that Federline can pay his own legal bills.
The settlement resolved allegations that the company cheated Medicare in the 1990s by overbilling.
Some of those who can no longer treat Medicare or Medicaid patients simply go to work for medical mills that handle a large volume of no-fault cases, and take up a new line of work overtreating no-fault patients and overbilling no-fault carriers.
Automation of vendor invoices, which can eliminate overbilling.
While some errors result in overbilling Medicare, others actually cause a facility to underbill.