over-the-counter medication

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over-the-counter medication

therapeutic agent available to the patient at a store without a health care practitioner's prescription.
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non·pre·scrip·tion drug

(non'prĕ-skrip'shŭn drŭg)
A pharmaceutical that may be obtained without a physician's prescription.
Synonym(s): over-the-counter medication.
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"Non-Addictive Drugs: Are They Always Safe?" (teens.drugabuse .gov/blog/post/non-addictive-drugsare-they-always-safe) This paired text describes why even over-the-counter medications should be used with caution.
"Over-the-counter medication purchases are user friendly and easy, and they really served as a gateway to FSAs," Aitken says.
The survey revealed that more than 75 percent of the subjects had taken over-the-counter medications in the previous month.
If it is a mild case, the flu can be treated with rest, fluids and over-the-counter medication targeting the symptoms.
Know when prescription medications will be available as over-the-counter medications. By making informed decisions, you will save money now ...
The court found that the infirmary physicians' refusal to dispense over-the-counter medication, and a nurse's refusal to refer the inmate to a physician, did not evidence the culpable state of mind required for a deliberate indifference claim.
"I hope the publication of this book will help people to make an informed choice when they seek over-the-counter medication," he said.
Check with your doctor before taking any other prescription or over-the-counter medication.
Parents were either given a placebo or Dimetapp, an over-the-counter medication, to treat their children's colds.
Apeaz arthritis cream, a fast acting, FDA monograph pain relieving drug and over-the-counter medication cream, is formulated to soothe the pain in joints and muscles.

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