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Moreover, procedures like clitoridectomy and "normal ovariotomy," even in the days of their greatest acceptance, were performed on a small minority of American women.
The possibility of sclerosing stromal tumor should always be kept in young patients with ovarian mass, as these are benign and can be treated successfully by enucleation or unilateral ovariotomy.
Table 2 Type of surgery Group A Group B Herniorrhaphy 10 8 Eversion of sac 3 6 Appendicectomy 6 5 Amputation of pennies 1 2 Abdominal hysterectomy 3 4 Vaginal hysterectomy 4 3 Ovariotomy 3 2 Total 30 30 P>0.
Under sub arachnoid block, emergency laparotomy was preceded with left salpingooophorectomy with right ovariotomy.