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The female sex organs that make eggs and female hormones.
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ovaries (ō´vərēz),

n the pair of female gonads found on each side of the inferior abdomen, beside the uterus, in a fold of the broad ligament.

Patient discussion about ovaries

Q. Dear Doctors,I had cyst in my left ovary and poped it off,after that I have a small pain every day. in HSG everything was OK.my Pop smir is ok and in histroscopy every thing was ok. would you please ask me why I have this pain?

A. as Ann already mentioned - this is a good place to get good advises, not diagnosis... my advise to you is to ask the gyno how long there should be pain after the surgery. i'm sure it take couple of days minimum but i would ask him about it. if there's something wrong he'll know what to do.
sorry i can't help more...

Q. my little sister have her periode badly.it stay for a months somethimes what can cause that? Since she start having her periode is been a problem and anybody cannot give us a straight answer she's been a hospitolize and had to have blood transfussion she's always anemic and sh'es been putting on pills but her body did not react good to it we had to stop.Sometimes she fells so weak that she pass out.The doctor say she may need to hospitolized again she doenst want to and we dont know how to help her she just wants a normal teenager and get ready to go away to collegebut we are scare that may not happens,she loves school so much and she feltthat she will never be a normal woman like everybody and scare that she may never have children one day i tell her to not be worry about it but i feel helpless.Please tell me what's wrong with her since nobody seems to give us a straight answers.Is follicular cyst of ovaries can put her in so much pain.

A. The menstrual cycle is not the same for every woman. On average, menstrual flow occurs every 28 days (with most women having cycles between 24 and 34 days), and lasts about 4 days. However, there is wide variation in timing and duration that is still considered normal, especially if your periods began within the last few years. Causes:
Anovulation (failure of ovaries to produce, mature, or release eggs)
Endometrial polyps (the endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus)
Endometrial hyperplasia (thickening/build up of the uterine wall)
Endometrial cancer
Uterine fibroids
For the full article: http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/symptoms/menstrual-periods-heavy-prolonged-or-irregular/overview.html Hope this helps.

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If we apply these findings nationally, at least 22,000 women annually have their ovaries removed without a compelling indication," reported Dr.
The commission members said the doctor made a mistake by deciding to remove the ovaries, which should only have been done if a medical advisory committee had taken this decision.
Only 20 per cent of surveyed women, over 60 and half of breast cancer survivors chose to have their ovaries removed within eight years of testing positive for the genetic test.
First, a staging method developed from unpublished observations and a review of data published before our sampling in 2006-07 was used to stage female Haddock ovaries in the field.
In the new study, the team isolated stem cells from ovaries that had been removed from six women during sex reassignment surgeries in Japan.
The implication of our findings is that women who've had their ovaries removed at a young age can now be informed about their risk for bone loss over the long term.
The analysis covered several thousand women who took part in a US government-sponsored, multiyear national health study, and excluded women whose ovaries were removed due to cancer.
THE high level of insulin over-stimulates the ovaries, causing them to overproduce male-type hormones.
The message is clear; it is in a woman's interest to preserve her ovaries at hysterectomy, no matter her age.
PCOS is a disorder of the ovaries where multiple follicles develop under the surface.