ovarian cyst

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o·var·i·an cyst

a cystic tumor of the ovary, either nonneoplastic (follicle, lutein, germinal inclusion, or endometrial) or neoplastic; usually restricted to benign cysts, that is, mucinous serous cystadenoma, or dermoid cysts.
Synonym(s): oophoritic cyst
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ovarian cyst

Functional ovarian cyst; physiologic ovarian cyst Gynecology
A round enclosed space filled with fluid or a semisolid material that develops on the ovary; most OCs are functional and involute spontaneously. Cf Polycystic ovaries.
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o·var·i·an cyst

(ō-var'ē-ăn sist)
A cystic tumor of the ovary, either non-neoplastic (follicle, lutein, germinal inclusion, or endometrial) or neoplastic.
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Ovarian cyst

A benign or malignant growth on an ovary. An ovarian cyst can disappear without treatment or become extremely painful and have to be surgically removed.
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Q. What is ovarian cyst and why is it painful? Is that pathological? Dangerous? Need information please.

A. don’t worry- ovarian cyst is usually a natural thin. It shouldn’t be of a problem. And if you need to hear it from a gynecologist:

Q. my little sister have her periode badly.it stay for a months somethimes what can cause that? Since she start having her periode is been a problem and anybody cannot give us a straight answer she's been a hospitolize and had to have blood transfussion she's always anemic and sh'es been putting on pills but her body did not react good to it we had to stop.Sometimes she fells so weak that she pass out.The doctor say she may need to hospitolized again she doenst want to and we dont know how to help her she just wants a normal teenager and get ready to go away to collegebut we are scare that may not happens,she loves school so much and she feltthat she will never be a normal woman like everybody and scare that she may never have children one day i tell her to not be worry about it but i feel helpless.Please tell me what's wrong with her since nobody seems to give us a straight answers.Is follicular cyst of ovaries can put her in so much pain.

A. The menstrual cycle is not the same for every woman. On average, menstrual flow occurs every 28 days (with most women having cycles between 24 and 34 days), and lasts about 4 days. However, there is wide variation in timing and duration that is still considered normal, especially if your periods began within the last few years. Causes:
Anovulation (failure of ovaries to produce, mature, or release eggs)
Endometrial polyps (the endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus)
Endometrial hyperplasia (thickening/build up of the uterine wall)
Endometrial cancer
Uterine fibroids
For the full article: http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/symptoms/menstrual-periods-heavy-prolonged-or-irregular/overview.html Hope this helps.

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The incidence of ovarian cyst in pregnancy has increased because of dating ultrasound and an increase in ovulation induction.
That is the reason for its poor 5 year survival despite all advances in gynaecological surgery and oncological chemotherapeutics.1,2 It is extremely essential to estimate the risk of malignancy before deciding on the type of surgery for a patient with an ovarian cyst or mass.
Ovarian cysts are fairly common and usually harmless - but cause severe pain and bleeding if they split.
Q Are there any symptoms associated with ovarian cysts?
Simple ovarian cyst. Transvaginal pelvic ultrasound of the left ovary demonstrates a well-circumscribed, oval, anechoic, avascular cyst with posterior acoustic enhancement and thin, smooth walls.
Ovarian cysts are typically asymptomatic, but they can cause pain due to pressure on adjacent organs, rupture, bleeding or torsion.
Dubai: Doctors in Abu Dhabi successfully performed a three-hour surgery on a baby girl who was born with twisted ovaries and bleeding due to a large, twisted ovarian cyst.
The uterus, ovarian cyst, omentum, and appendix contained florid granulomatous inflammation and caseous necrosis.
A 49-year-old Japanese woman, gravid 3 para 3, was referred to our hospital with a diagnosis of right ovarian cyst. She had amenorrhea for 5 months.
The key MR findings of an endometrioma is an ovarian cyst with T1 hyperintensity with characteristic T2 shading (Figure 7).