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Clinicians need not screen women for ovarian cancer if they are otherwise healthy and have no known genetic mutations, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 that could increase their risk, according to a recommendation from the U.
A family history "generally means having two or more first- or second-degree relatives with a history of ovarian cancer or a combination of breast and ovarian cancer; for women of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, it means having a first-degree relative (or two second-degree relatives on the same side of the family) with breast or ovarian cancer," according to the statement from the USPSTF.
According to Vermillion, it plans to use these assets to advance the goals of its ovarian cancer franchise, including the development of OVA2, its next-generation ovarian cancer test.
Discovering the new biomarker, an antibody forming part of the immune system, could pave the way to screening women at high risk of ovarian cancer or those with early-stage tumours, say US researchers.
The research, by Dr Willie Hamilton, an academic GP at Bristol University, backs up earlier findings by the Target Ovarian Cancer Pathfinder Study, which recently released the results of a survey of 400 GPs nationally and 1000 women nationally.
Currently, routine screening for ovarian cancer is recommended only for women with a family history of ovarian cancer or with genetic mutations that signal a higher risk.
Dorigo points out that there is not a very effective screening test for ovarian cancer available at this time.
Ovarian cancer and oral contraceptives: Collaborative reanalysis of data from 45 epidemiological studies including 23,257 women with ovarian cancer and 87,303 controls.
Speakers at the 10th annual conference of the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, held in July in Washington, D.
To put the findings in perspective, they mean that over a period of five years there is likely to be one extra case of ovarian cancer among every 2,500 women receiving hormone replacement therapy.
During the study, ovarian cancer was diagnosed in 90 women.
About 76 percent of women with ovarian cancer survive one year after diagnosis, and 45 percent survive five years after being diagnosed.

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