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an abnormal oval or elliptical erythrocyte, as seen in elliptocytosis. Called also ovalocyte.


An elliptic red blood corpuscle found normally in the lower vertebrates with the exception of Cyclostomata; in mammals it normally occurs only in camels, hence cameloid cell.
Synonym(s): ovalocyte.
[G. elleipsis, a leaving out, an ellipse, + kytos, cell]


(ō′văl-ō-sīt″) [″ + Gr. kytos, cell]
An elliptical red blood corpuscle.


elliptocyte, an elliptical erythrocyte.
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The red cell morphology showed anisocytosis, poikilocytosis with occasional teardrop cells, spherocytes, ovalocytes, and a few schistocytes.
The peripheral blood picture showed macrocytes, macro ovalocytes, hyper segmented neutrophils, and bone marrow showed erythroid hyperplasia, megaloblastic type (Fig 1).