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an abnormal oval or elliptical erythrocyte, as seen in elliptocytosis. Called also ovalocyte.


An elliptic red blood corpuscle found normally in the lower vertebrates with the exception of Cyclostomata; in mammals it normally occurs only in camels, hence cameloid cell.
Synonym(s): ovalocyte.
[G. elleipsis, a leaving out, an ellipse, + kytos, cell]


(ō′văl-ō-sīt″) [″ + Gr. kytos, cell]
An elliptical red blood corpuscle.


elliptocyte, an elliptical erythrocyte.
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Peripheral smear showed numerous microcytes and ovalocytes.
On the peripheral blood smear, RBC morphology showed slight anisocytosis with few ovalocytes and many schistocytes, WBC morphology was within normal ranges, and platelet morphology was normal.
The patient's peripheral smear showed ovalocytes with occasional "bite cells.