oval window

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a circumscribed opening in a plane surface; called also fenestra.
aortic window a radiolucent region below the aortic arch, formed by the bifurcation of the trachea, visible in the left anterior oblique radiograph of the heart and great vessels.
window of cochlea (cochlear window) round window.
oval window an oval opening in the inner wall of the middle ear, which is closed by the stapes; called also vestibular window and fenestra vestibuli.
round window a round opening in the middle ear covered by the secondary tympanic membrane; called also cochlear window and fenestra cochleae.
vestibular window (window of vestibule) oval window.
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o·val win·dow

a membrane-covered oval opening on the medial wall of the tympanic cavity leading into the vestibule, closed in life by the foot of the stapes.
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oval window

The oval opening in the middle ear to which the base of the stapes is connected and through which the ossicles of the ear transmit sound vibrations to the cochlea.
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fe·nes·tra ves·tib·u·li

(fĕ-nes'tră ves-tib'yū-lī) [TA]
An oval opening on the medial wall of the tympanic cavity leading into the vestibule, closed by the foot of the stapes.
Synonym(s): oval window.
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oval window

The oval opening in the outer wall of the inner ear in which the footplate of the inner of the three AUDITORY OSSICLES, the stapes, is free to vibrate.
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oval window

a membranous wall at the junction of the middle ear and inner ear which connects the stapes with the vestibular canal of the COCHLEA.
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Oval window

A tiny opening at the entrance to the inner ear.
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In this experiment, the animals used were the same as those for the ABR threshold measurements, with dehiscence close to the oval window, with a size of 0.5 x 0.5 mm (n = 6).
In this study, we investigated effects of titanium prosthesis shaft stabilization with a cartilage shoe in the oval window in patients with COMC who had undergone CWDT operation with the usage of total ossicular replacement prosthesis (TORP) on auditory functions in early and late periods.
In normal hearing, fluid waves travel from the oval window through the cochlea towards the round window.
If the dehiscence is protruding over the oval Window only, it is classified as dehiscence of oval window niche.
Up to the first floor, the landing has a feature oval window with stained and leaded glass.
The hallway has an area suitable as a study and contains the oak staircase, with its original, iron balustrade, a successful style combination, lit by an oval window.
The line includes a hexagon-shaped box, a heart-shaped box and a oval window box.
utilized reformatted oblique coronal images to measure the distance between the short process of the incus and RWN and also the distance between the oval window and RWN to identify the variations in the position of the round window [4].
The mass was located below the oval window, and it extended superiorly to the promontory.
In which sensory organ would you find the oval window and the round window?
First group (selective) had dexamethasone on the round window and gentamicin on oval window during exploratory tympanotomy procedure.
Unusual middle-ear mischief: Trans-tympanic trauma from a hair grip resulting in ossicular, facial nerve and oval window disruption.