oval foramen

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o·val fo·ra·men

1. a large oval opening in the base of the greater wing of sphenoid bone, transmitting the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve and a small meningeal artery;
2. valvular incompetence of the oval foramen of the heart; a condition contrasting with probe patency of the oval foramen in that the oval foramen valve has abnormal perforations in it, or is of insufficient size to afford adequate valvular action at the foramen ovale prenatally, or effect a complete closure postnatally.
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fo·ra·men o·va·le

, oval foramen (fōr-ā'mĕn ō-vā'lē, ō'văl) [TA]
1. The oval opening in the septum secundum in the embryonic and fetal heart; the persistent part of the septum primum acts as a valve for this interatrial communication during fetal life and normally postnatally becomes fused to the septum secundum to close it.
2. [TA] A large oval opening in the base of the greater wing of the sphenoid bone, transmitting the mandibular nerve and a small meningeal artery;
Synonym(s): Botallo foramen.
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Anterior margin of carapace encircling bases of chelicerae, with unsclerotized cuticle extending ventrally to form antero-ventrally-facing oval foramen. Clypeus large, swollen, projecting anteriorly and laterally around bases of chelicerae, connecting with sclerotized cuticle of anterior carapace ventro-laterally; longest medially (forming dorsal margin of foramen).
The oval foramen was formed completely by the sphenoid bone as also reported in sheep (Sisson) and slightly rostral in comparison to the position in ox (Raghavan).
For the cases of failures of the inferior alveolar nerve block when the AFMR is present, we recommend the use of a higher anaesthetic technique--the Gow-Gates Block (Gow-Gates, 1973) which advocates the deposition of the anaesthetic solution in the vicinities of the oval foramen, at the emergence of the mandibular nerve in the infratemporal fossa.