outsourced transcription

out·sourced tran·scrip·tion

(owt'sōrst trans-krip'shŭn)
System in which transcription is contracted out to a medical transcription service.
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Contract notice: Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition & Outsourced Transcription.
This led to frequent transcription backlogs, increased overtime among the hospital's transcriptionists and slower turnaround times from outsourced transcription companies.
We're thrilled to expand our relationship with MD Anderson to provide additional outsourced transcription and editing services," said Tracy Boesch, president and COO of TransTech Medical Solutions.
Since going live, Prevea has done away with all outsourced transcription services and posted some impressive numbers: a 133.
Voicepath, an outsourced transcription specialist, together with legal software provider OPSIS, has announced the successful development of the UK's first integrated technology platform for the legal profession which combines digital dictation & document outsourcing with a firm's own case management system.
An unexpected bonus is that outsourced transcription cost is much more economical than using in-house staff.
Having sold that, he founded an outsourced transcription service OutSec, which he continues to run alongside CUP Classic Cars a company that specialises in exclusive British cars, including Aston Martin, Bristol and Jaguar.
The company received the Best in KLAS Award for Outsourced Transcription in the 2009 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services report.
Not only did RMH receive positive feedback from its physicians, the facility was able to cover the entire cost of the Dragon software through the savings in outsourced transcription realized as part of the two-month pilot.
An unexpected bonus is that outsourced transcription is much more economical than utilizing in-house staff.