outpatient department

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outpatient department

As defined in the UK, a hospital department where healthcare professionals see outpatients, which consists of consulting rooms and support areas—e.g. nurses station, treatment rooms, waiting rooms. Outpatient departments are often physically located near support services (e.g. X-ray, ECG, surgical appliance department, pharmacy etc.).

out·pa·tient de·part·ment

(OPD) (owt'pā-shĕnt dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
A hospital department/unit where nonurgent ambulatory medical care is provided.
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The system has continued to evolve, with hospital outpatient departments and polyclinics developing into community outpatient service centers complete with specialty care.
Once a patient has been referred their referral will go directly from the referring doctor to the new HMC Patient Contact Centre and following an assessment of their clinical need by a doctor they will be telephoned to arrange a suitable time for their visit to the outpatient department.
She worked as a night supervisor for 12 1/2 years before changing to "day shift", where she joined the team in the outpatient department and in time became the nurse manager.
It will buy equipment for the children's outpatient department and the oncology department.
The ulcer bad not been present on examination in the outpatient department 1 month postoperatively.
Keith Thomson, chief executive of the North West Wales NHS Trust said, 'When the hospital was first opened the outpatient department was expected to deal with 45,000 patients a year.
45pm on Tuesday when a hospital receptionist ran out after a man who had snatched a bag from a woman, 71, in the outpatient department cafe.
Of the people who replied, many were concerned about the number of rescheduled outpatient appointments and the lack of information about waiting times in the outpatient department.
The same patient record form is used for both the physician's office and outpatient department settings, whereas the emergency department form differs slightly to reflect the uniqueness of that setting.
Staff say doctors at Hairmyres Hospital refused to work in the busy outpatient department because they could not stand the stench.
The total average annual payment for outpatient department users ($1,583) is more than double that for individuals using office-based physicians ($654).
entitled Management of Patients for Essure Sterilization in the Outpatient Department Without Any Anesthesia at All, demonstrates the Essure procedure can be performed successfully with no need for anesthesia.

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