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A strong professional identity in conjunction with strategic marketing might improve health literacy and facilitate physiotherapy outpatient attendance.
However, despite the benefits of referral management solutions, certain barriers such as the failure to reduce outpatient attendance, lack of skilled healthcare IT professionals, and security concerns are restraining the growth of this market.
The study's authors, led by Newcastle's Prof Tom Kirkwood, said: "For planners of services, on the basis of present demographic trends, we can say that in the UK by 2020 the 85-year-old population will increase by 33%, 10% of whom currently require institutional care, 32% of whom have had an outpatient attendance, and 7% an attendance at an accident and emergency department in the past three months.
Huw Cooke is the chief executive of WHA (Welsh Hospitals & Health Services Association), a not-for-profit organisation that allows its members to claim back the costs of everyday healthcare and gives financial assistance for inpatient admissions and outpatient attendance.
The percentage of patients who did not attend for their first outpatient attendance was 10.
This means that a higher dose radiotherapy treatment can be given in just a few sessions, typically three or five outpatient attendances.
They looked at how many patients receiving telephone support ended up in hospital per year, alongside other data on outpatient attendances and costs to hospitals.
The trusts' response also explained: "There may be other associated costs including the prescribing of drugs, pre and post-surgical outpatient attendances, etc.
The hospital's eye department contains an academic unit of Liverpool University and operates on over 7,000 cases a year and provides more than 70,000 outpatient attendances a year.
High levels of activity, such as inpatient admissions or outpatient attendances, are not necessarily a good thing.