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Sexology The disclosure of a person’s homosexual orientation by others against the person's wishes
Vox populi An excursion in the open air or away from one’s home base
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They are more encouraged to play at a PWC outing. And playing here makes them more confident to join other outings."
Her company operates seven courses, including the year-old Winding Ridge in Lawrence, but Ironwood Golf Course in Fishers is its most popular choice for outings.
"We're thrilled that almost a third of our participants today are women, but now, as always, we're not for women only," said PWC Vice President Theresa Vigilante following the organization's all-day golf outing held on Monday, May 24, at the Elmwood Country Club in White Plains, New York.
"We have developed a successful balance between keeping the price point low for golfers and sponsors comparative to other golf outings while still raising a substantial amount of money for charity.
In 1994, when PWC launched its coed golf outings, it was breaking into unchartered territory.
"We were the first and remain, to our knowledge, the only women's business organization to sponsor all-inclusive, industry-wide golf outings in the New York metro region," she said.
PWC president Lenore Janis agreed, noting, "This is an industry outing. We want men to realize that women are a growing part of this industry, yet to shut out the men would be counterproductive to our goal of advancing business opportunities for women." PWC vice president Theresa Vigilante, a dedicated golfer who originated the outings eight years ago, explained.
The third annual Emmory Reagan Shapses Classic, a full-day outing organized to raise funds for research, education and support programs for Tuberous Sclerosis, will be held on Aug.
I wanted to be included in the outings. It's a great way to network.
"These outings used to involve a keg of beer and some volleyball at Jones Beach," says Grotto.
Seven years ago, when PWC President Lenore Janis and Executive Vice President Theresa Vigilante began to host the outings at Westchester country clubs, they had no idea if the events would draw significant numbers.
And recent golf outings hosted by the Professional Women in Construction have helped more women avail themselves of the opportunity to strengthen or create business alliances on the links.