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Sexology The disclosure of a person’s homosexual orientation by others against the person's wishes
Vox populi An excursion in the open air or away from one’s home base
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Golf outings represent approximately 15% of the yearly revenue for the average golf course.
3 Latest outing under opposite code if more recent.
These photographs from the 1920s and 1930s show how popular the charabanc outings were, with day trippers dressing in their Sunday best for the occasion.
Professional Women in Construction (PWC), founded in 1980, has sponsored two annual industry golf outings since 1992, most recently at the Elmwood Country Club in White Plains, NY, in September.
We doubled our bookings from 15 to 30 outings last year," he says.
Perfect weather, a great golf course and 53 enthusiastic golfers combined to make the Iowa NAMA golf outing at The Harvester a terrific event and a very successful fund-raiser for the student scholarship program.
Before we get to the obvious, though, let me first point out that accompanying guitar veteran John Abercrombie on this outing are Mark Feldman on violin, Marc Johnson on bass, and Joey Baron on drums.
And from one bad outing to the next, there was no indication he'd ever be anything more than that.
Resident transportation falls into two categories: (1) quality-of-life outings for shopping, errands, and social occasions, and (2) essential transportation for medical appointments.
The law helped ignite a new round of gay outings by activists and reporters more willing to expose or at least question closeted politicians who voted for the measure.
The Adventurous Traveler's Guide to Treks, Outings & Expeditions (Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, 1984; $14.
With A Day's Outing, users can search for things to do from 5 miles to 120 miles of their current location, often finding outings in towns they have never heard of.