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A particular day of a particular month and year.
[L. datum, (document) issued]
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Patient discussion about date

Q. How easy is it to tell about the baby’s birth date? Is it reliable? Hi everyone! My sister is being diagnosed as pregnant. She has a very regular menstrual cycle and her hormone levels are good. How easy is it to tell about the baby’s birth date? Is it reliable?

A. My friend got the due date of birth by doctor and it goes very near by, just the difference was for 5 days from the date. Since you have very regular menstural cycle, it would be easy for the doctors to calculate the birth date. And you can rely on the birth date being calculated by the doctors. It can be calculated easily. You need to find the 1st day of your last period then count back 3 months and add 7 days. Now you get your date.


A. The current preferred therapy for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome is catheter ablation. This procedure involves inserting a tube (catheter) into an artery through a small cut near the groin up to the heart area. When the tip reaches the heart, the small area that is causing the fast heart rate is destroyed using a special type of energy called radiofrequency.
Catheter ablation cures this disorder in most patients. The success rate for the procedure ranges between 85 - 95%.

ask your doc about it.

Q. How many women actually give birth on their EDD (expected delivery date)? I am pregnant and my EDD is January 22nd. I was wondering what are the chances I will give birth on that day exactly?

A. If it's your first pregnancy, you probably will give birth after your EDD, as first pregnancies tend to be longer. Your EDD is after a full 40 weeks of pregnancy. It is most common to give birth between 38- 42 weeks of pregnancy.

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"The JBC is under no obligation to advise the applicants whether they have incomplete and/or out-of-date documentary requirements," he also indicated.
Among the issues were: | | Out-of-date high-risk food was available for use in the kitchen refrigerator; | Cleaning and disinfection procedures being carried out in the premises were not adequate; | No hot water, soap or hygienic hand drying facilities at the washbasin in the rear food room; | Dirty flooring; | | No hot water in kitchen sinks; | | A temperature probe in the kitchen was in a filthy condition; | An "inadequate" level of food hygiene awareness.
They also found out-of-date food, in particular a package of 12kg of sausages which was over two weeks' out of date, and there was chicken found defrosting at room temperature.
John Timothy, CEO of the Portman Group said a deadline has been agreed with the Department of Health for out-of-date info to be removed by next September.
The task force's latest status report identifies out-of-date sub-regulatory guidance by agency offices, including the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education--97 documents; Office of Innovation and Improvement--two documents; Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services--72 documents; Office of Postsecondary Education--398 documents; Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education--34 documents; and Office of the Chief Financial Officer--five documents.
Duo provides IT administrators with visibility into all out-of-date devices used to access patient information in on-premises or cloud applications, such as Epic, Citrix, Outlook Web Access, and Office 365.
A council spokesman said: "He was unaware that there was mouldy and out-of-date food, and food at risk of cross contamination due to poor storage of raw and cooked meat in the chiller."
After she appealed to Tesco, bosses agreed to supply fruit and veg but not out-of-date eggs, yoghurt or other fresh items.
Out-of-date medicines can mean that the treatment is not safe or may lose some or all of their effectiveness.
of Houston, TX, is now providing out-of-date Saint Arnold Endeavour Double IPA to Texas T Kobe, in Wallis, Texas to enrich the feed for its herd of 60 wagyu cattle.
SUPERMARKET giant Asda is investigating claims that a dad was sold out-of-date baby milk.