Relating to the ears, palate, and fingers.
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It was first reported by Melnick and Needles in 1966 and is the most serious disease of the otopalatodigital spectrum disorders [1].
[2] reported that MNS is characterized by the most severe phenotypes in the spectrum of otopalatodigital syndromes and by the exclusive location of causal missense mutations in the exon 22 hotspot.
Lesenfants, M Barr et al., "Frontootopalatodigital osteodysplasia: clinical evidence for a single entity encompassing Melnick-Needles syndrome, otopalatodigital syndrome types 1 and 2, and frontometaphyseal dysplasia," American Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
Instead of raising money for new soccer gear or team trips that year, Wormdahl created what has since become an annual fundraiser for Dering's son, Jake, who was born with otopalatodigital syndrome type II, also known as OPD.
The inspiration behind the gift is 2-year-old Jake Kennedy Dering, who was born with a medical condition known as Otopalatodigital Syndrome Type II (OPD).
His condition is called Otopalatodigital Syndrome type II, also known as OPD; it's a rare genetic disorder, with only 30-some known cases worldwide, with only a few of those surviving past infancy.