Of, relating to, or caused by mites of the genus Otodectes.
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Simparica also kills the mites responsible for demodectic mange (demodex), sarcoptic mange (scabies), and otodectic mange (ear mites), though it has not yet received FDA approval for these uses.
aureus, Pseudomonas, Proteus, Streptococci, Aspergillus spp.), yeast (Malassezia, Candida), fungi (secondary to generalised dermatophytosis), ticks (Otodectic cyanotic, Otobius megnini), mange mites (Sarcoptic, Psoroptic, Demodex spp), seborrhoea, autoimmune diseases, water, hypersensitivity to endocrinopathies (hypothyroidism) (Muller et al., 1983) contribute to development of otitis and subsequent infections.
Of the PCR-positive lynx, 18 were in normal body condition, 1 showed no visible signs of disease except for otodectic otoacariasis and being in poor condition, and 5 were emaciated and had sarcoptic mange (Table).