otitis media with effusion

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otitis media with effusion

Secretory otitis media, see there.
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otitis media with effusion

The presence of fluid in the middle ear without signs or symptoms of acute infection. This causes retraction of the eardrum. Upon examination, a level of air fluid may be seen through the tympanic membrane. The cause of the obstruction may be enlarged adenoid tissue in the pharynx, inflammation in the pharynx, tumors in the pharyngeal area, or allergy. Synonym: allergic otitis media; nonsuppurative otitis media; secretory otitis media; serous otitis media


Nasal decongestants may afford symptomatic relief. The use of antibiotics is controversial. Adenoidectomy and bilateral myringotomy may be necessary if conservative measures, including insertion of a ventilation or tympanostomy tube, are not effective. Adenoidectomy is not advisable in children under 4 years of age. See: tympanocentesis; tympanostomy tube


The routine use of grommets, also called ventilation tubes, as part of the initial therapy for otitis media is not advised. Their use should be reserved for persistent or recurrent infections that have failed to respond to appropriate therapy.
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