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Ostium method makes it possible to detect illnesses at the stage of early functional disruptions, long before the onset of the first noticeable symptoms.
Saremi et al found the distance between ostium of LCx and Left SANA ranged from 2 - 35 mm.
Endoscopic localization of the sphenoid sinus ostium.
After the study work of 100 cadaveric human hearts, the different variations in ostium of RCA and LCA were came across.
Adhesion may also form between the flaps of nasal mucosa, flaps of lacrimal sac and sometimes between the nasal mucosa at the margins of ostium and nasal septum if there is damage to the nasal mucosa covering the nasal septum.
When the ostium is located within 5 mm of the commissure between 2 sinuses, it is termed a commissural ostium.
The coronary arteries origin and course and the ostium shape were evaluated.
Four coronary arteries arising from a single coronary ostium is a rare anomaly that is generally not mentioned in comprehensive reviews of anomalous coronary arterial origin.
The Sideguard was developed to protect the ostium of the sidebranch offering interventional cardiologists a dynamic, effective, and easy-to-use solution in the treatment of bifurcation disease.
The uncinate remnant is then identified (figure, E) and removed (figure, F), completing the uncinectomy and exposing the natural ostium of the maxillary sinus.
The CS ostium is 5-15mm anterior to the Eustachian ridge and valve and posterior to the tricuspid annulus.
All were presented with erythematous swelling of the external urethral orifice with a pinhead-like ostium at the center of the swollen area, through which pus could be expressed with pressure.