osteopathic physician

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os·te·o·path·ic phy·si·cian

a practitioner of osteopathy.
Synonym(s): osteopath

os·te·o·path·ic phy·si·cian

(os'tē-ō-path'ik fi-zish'ŭn)
A practitioner of osteopathy.
Synonym(s): osteopath.

osteopathic physician,

n an individual who is fully licensed to practice medicine who is trained in the principles and techniques of osteopathic philosophy.
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Osteopathic physicians, or DOs, can be seen for almost any condition, but a visit may be especially appropriate for musculoskeletal disorders, such as:
The take home point is that almost every Lyme patient will benefit from being evaluated by a skilled, "hands on" osteopathic physician to assess, treat, and clear somatic dysfunctions.
In turning over his license, Reich admitted that he had pleaded no contest ``to a criminal offense substantially related to the qualifications, functions or duties of an osteopathic physician and surgeon,'' according to court documents.
The event, which takes place on March 6, is an opportunity for osteopathic physicians and student representatives to educate members of Congress and their staff about osteopathic medicine and communicate their positions on important health policy issues.
osteopathic physician, decided a few years ago that his hometown hospital was not being well served by its absentee corporate management, he took a no-nonsense path:
Recently the retired WVSOM professor emerita and former associate dean of osteopathic medical education set a milestone by becoming the first registered osteopathic physician in South Africa.
An osteopathic physician is a fully qualified physician licensed to prescribe medication and perform surgery.
The osteopathic physician was convicted of sexually exploiting two female patients three years ago.
Three years after being convicted of sexually exploiting two patients, an osteopathic physician still practices medicine at a Panorama City clinic because of the tangled bureaucracy involved in taking disciplinary action, interviews and documents show.
On the heels of the Minnesota indictment, a federal grand jury in Columbus, Ohio, charged an osteopathic physician, with receiving $134,600 in illegal kickbacks over a four-year period from a home infusion company.
Jeffrey Blodgett, an osteopathic physician, is accused by the state Osteopathic Medical Board of gross negligence in prescribing excessive amounts of addictive painkillers, including Lorcet and Norco, to four patients.
If you're stumped about where to send patients who complain of chronic back pain or other types of musculoskeletal ailments, consider referring to an osteopathic physician who practices osteopathic manipulative treatment, advises Dr.

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