osteopathic physician

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os·te·o·path·ic phy·si·cian

a practitioner of osteopathy.
Synonym(s): osteopath
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os·te·o·path·ic phy·si·cian

(os'tē-ō-path'ik fi-zish'ŭn)
A practitioner of osteopathy.
Synonym(s): osteopath.
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But osteopathic physician David Abend is quick to point out that the technique cannot be mastered in a weekend course.
Under the tireless leadership of Evan Jenkins, the executive director of the State Medical Association, allopathic and osteopathic physicians came together, and our voices were heard.
Osteopathic Physician and Functional Medicine Practitioner Jeanene Caccopola explains the components of functional medicine to repair, restore and rebalance the body to a state of wellness.
Barbara Ross-Lee became the first osteopathic physician chosen as a Health Policy Fellow of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
In 1991, she became the first osteopathic physician Health Policy Fellow of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Synopsis: Chris Spinelli is a practicing Osteopathic Physician since 1999.
was started 15 years ago after company founder Nathan Jones witnessed the lengths one woman went to in order to obtain a nasal spray his father, an osteopathic physician, had developed to treat his patients' ear, nose and throat issues.
At the ACOM, we support the osteopathic physician's approach to health care, which is rooted in expanding scientific knowledge that embraces the concept of body-mind-spirit unity with a Human Touch.
Sure, the Eugene osteopathic physician was half-joking, but Gutierrez, a native Cuban who left the Communist island country as a 4-year-old in 1980 and has never returned, knows that Wednesday's historic news makes it more realistic than ever that he will one day again set foot on Cuban soil.
The growing collaboration between the allopathic and osteopathic physician communities will only serve to improve patient care for all Americans."
The 1959 XK150 Drophead Coupe was owned by Dr Stephen Ward, the osteopathic physician who was at the centre of the Profumo Affair in 1963.

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