osteopathic philosophy

osteopathic philosophy,

n the tenets of osteopathy that uphold the body's natural ability to heal itself without the use of external preparations natural or pharmacological or invasive technologies x-rays or sur-gery but in the righting of abnormalities in the body's anatomical structure through manipulation to allow the body's natural tendencies to function as the curing agent.
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The osteopathic philosophy of medicine takes a whole person approach to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, giving its practitioners a distinct model for clinical problem solving and patient education.
COMP's mission is to graduate caring, compassionate, lifelong learners with the distinctive osteopathic philosophy and return them to the community within which we live and serve," said COMP Dean Clinton Adams, DO, FAAFP, FACHE.
He believes that the osteopathic philosophy plays an important role in assessing the level and types of exercise that are okay for pregnant patients.
The osteopathic philosophy of medicine encourages physicians to partner with patients to help them get healthy and stay well, recognizing the importance of the physician-patient relationship in delivering good outcomes.
What does the osteopathic philosophy and one of the most important treatment aspects for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have in common?
MU-COM combines the strengths of the osteopathic philosophy and Marian University's rich Franciscan history, making it one of only five medical schools at a Catholic university, and the only osteopathic medical school at a Catholic university, in the nation.
Not only does this allow our DOs the opportunity to engage within our communities, but it also allows us to share the osteopathic philosophy of medicine with these beautiful children and their families.

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