osteopathia striata


osteopathy (def. 1).
osteopathia conden´sans dissemina´ta osteopoikilosis.
osteopathia stria´ta an asymptomatic condition characterized radiographically by multiple condensations of cancellous bone tissue, giving a striated appearance.

os·te·o·path·i·a stri·a·'ta

linear striations seen radiographically in the metaphyses of long bones and also flat bones; it may be a variant of osteopoikilosis.
Synonym(s): Voorhoeve disease


N., Dutch radiologist, 1879-1927.
Voorhoeve disease - linear striations seen radiographically in the metaphyses of long and flat bones. Synonym(s): osteopathia striata
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52) In these larger lesions, the differential diagnosis may include benign lesions, such as osteopathia striata and osteoblastoma, and malignant lesions, such as sclerosing osteosarcoma.
Increased bone density without modifcation of bone shape Osteopetrosis precocious type Generalised AR delayed type Type 1 uniform AD intermediate type Type 2 endobones with renal tubular Generalised AR AR acidosis Similar other types Axial osteosclerosis osteomesopyknosis Focal sclerosis AD AR with bamboo hair in vertebrae/pelvis Pycnodysostosis Generalised AR Osteosclerosis Cortical AD Stanesu type thickening of long bones, defcient facial sinus development Osteopathia striata Radiodense SP XLD isolated with striations on all cranial sclerosis bones with cranial sclerosis Sponastrime Striated AR dysplasia metaphysis Melorheostosis Flowing SP hyperostosis Osteopoikilosis Radiodense spots AD Mixed sclerosing Combined pattern SP bone dysplasia 2.
Radiologically, the differential diagnosis of OPK includes osteopathia striata, melorheostosis, tuberous sclerosis, sclerotic bone metastases, and osteoma (which may have similar clinical pictures but for which medical and orthopedic treatment may be necessary).