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osteomas, osteomata

See osteoma.


(os-te-o'ma) (mat-a) plural.osteomataplural.osteomas [ osteo- + -oma]
A bonelike structure that develops on a bone or at other sites; a benign bony tumor. Synonym: exostosis

cancellous osteoma

A soft, spongy tumor. It has thin, delicate trabeculae that enclose large medullary spaces like those in cancellous bone.

cavalryman's osteoma

An osteoma of the femur at the insertion of the adductor femoris longus.

choroidal osteoma

A rare, benign tumor of the eye, composed of calcified bone. On examination of the retina, it appears as an orange-yellow lesion usually located near the optic disc, often bilaterally. It is most often identified in young women. The tumor frequently compromises visual acuity. It can be treated with laser photocoagulation.

osteoma cutis

A benign formation of bone nodules in the skin.

dental osteoma

A bony outgrowth of the root of a tooth.

osteoma durum

A very hard osteoma in which the bone is ivory-like.

osteoma medullare

A bony tumor containing medullary spaces.

osteoid osteoma

A rare benign bone tumor composed of sheets of osteoid tissue that is partially calcified and ossified. The condition occurs esp. in the bones of the extremities of the young.

osteoma spongiosum

A spongy tumor in the bone. Synonym: osteospongioma
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According to the infectious hypothesis, chronic inflammation has a crucial role in the formation of paranasal sinus osteomas.
Osteoid osteoma (OO) is the most common benign osteogenic bone tumor (75%-85% of all benign osteogenic bone tumors), and accounts for 4%-5.
In terms of differential diagnosis, peripheral osteomas of the jaws should be distinguished from other bony exostoses of jaws like tori.
1 There are no reports of Osteomas undergoing malignant transformation.
Osteoid osteoma of the temporal bone manifesting as first bite syndrome and a meta-analysis combined with osteoblastoma.
Excision of osteomas was planned, and, now, he is on regular follow-up.
We therefore present a rare case of a 20-year-old woman with persisted pain in her elbow as a result of an osteoid osteoma that was falsely treated surgically as ulnar neuritis.
No recurrence of the excised osteomas was observed in any of the patients.
Benign bone-forming lesions: Osteoma, osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma.
Osteomas are uncommon, benign bone-forming tumors composed of essentially normal, mature, well-differentiated bone.
Benign and malignant tumours that affect the sinuses Benign Malignant Osteoma Rhabdomyosarcoma Juvenile angiofibroma Lymphoma Haemangioma Olfactory neuroblastoma Ossifying fibroma Germ cell tumour Inverted papilloma Leukaemia Skull base meningioma Nasal osteosarcoma
El sindrome de Gardner siendo un desorden autosomico dominante raro, se caracteriza por la triada de poliposis colonica, multiples osteomas y tumores mesenquimatosos de la piel y tejidos blandos.