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Relating to, or suffering from, osteomalacia.


Relating to, or suffering from, osteomalacia.


(os?te-o-mal-a'she-a) [Gr. osteon, bone, + malakia, softening]
A vitamin D deficiency in adults that results in a shortage or loss of calcium salts, causing bones to become increasingly soft, flexible, brittle, and deformed. An adult form of rickets, osteomalacia can also be traced to liver disease, cancer, or other ailments that inhibit the normal metabolism of vitamin D.osteomalacic (-mal-a'sik), adjective


Clinical findings are pains in the limbs, spine, thorax, and pelvis; fractures; anemia; and progressive weakness.


The disease is caused by any of the many vitamin D disorders or by deranged phosphorus metabolism.


In patients with vitamin D–deficient diets, ergocalciferol and calcium are given as nutritional supplements.

oncogenic osteomalacia

A rare disorder in which low serum phosphorus levels and excessive wasting of phosphorus by the kidneys accompany weakening and softening of bone. The disease is found in patients with cancer and is caused by excessive circulating levels of fibroblast growth factor.
Synonym: tumor-induced osteomalacia.

tumor-induced osteomalacia

Oncogenic osteomalacia.
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Studies also suggest that the biochemical abnormalities consequent on the elevation of FGF23 concentrations (and not the direct effect of DMP1 deficiency) are mainly responsible for the growth plate and diffuse osteomalacic lesions seen in ARHR.
The best characterized example of intoxication of a large population by environmental exposure to cadmium is itai-itai-byo or "ouch-ouch" disease, so named because of the crippling and painful osteomalacic component.