osteoma cutis

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a tumor, benign or malignant, composed of bony tissue; a hard tumor of bonelike structure developing on a bone (homoplastic osteoma) or other structures (heteroplastic osteoma).
Symptoms. Symptoms of bone cancer are pain, swelling, and disability in the area of the diseased bone. The pain at first is mild, stops and starts again, and then becomes increasingly severe. Swelling may appear soon after the first signs of pain, but often it cannot be seen until later. The disability may affect a nearby joint, such as the knee, shoulder, or hip. There may also be a hard, painful lump over which the skin moves freely. The skin temperature in the area may be slightly elevated.
Diagnosis and Treatment. Diagnosis of bone tumor is made after examination of x-ray film and a microscopic study of the suspected tissue. Malignant tumors can be treated by radiotherapy and surgery during the early stage of development. The prognosis for these tumors is grave, however. Hormone therapy and medication can also be helpful in certain types of the disease.
osteoma cu´tis progressive dermal ossification during childhood, with development of hard, round to irregular nodules representing islands of heterotopic bone within the dermis or subcutis, followed by coalescence of the lesions into plaques, and later by invasion of ossification into deep connective tissues. It may be sporadic or inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Called also progressive osseous heteroplasia.
osteoma du´rum (osteoma ebur´neum) one containing hard bony tissue.
osteoma medulla´re one containing marrow spaces.
osteoid osteoma see osteoid osteoma.
osteoma spongio´sum (spongy osteoma) one containing cancellated bone.

os·te·o·ma cu·'tis

cutaneous ossification usually secondary to calcification in foci of degeneration in tumors or inflammatory lesions or, rarely, primary new bone formation in normal skin, often associated with Albright hereditary ostrodystrophy.

osteoma cutis

os·te·o·ma cu·tis

(os'tē-ō'mă kyū'tis)
Cutaneous ossification in foci of degeneration in tumors or inflammatory lesions or rarely primary new bone formation with normal skin.
Synonym(s): osteodermia, osteosis cutis.
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26) Esto es notorio si se tiene en cuenta que la calcinosis cutanea puede confundirse clinicamente con osteoma cutis, pues ambas son semejantes y ademas a los rayos X se visualizan como masas radio-opacas en tejidos blandos; sin embargo, el cuadro clinico y el estudio histopatologico son indispensables para establecer el diagnostico definitivo.
Por ultimo, y como posibilidades de terapia (27,28) para el osteoma cutis se han intentado multiples tratamientos entre los que se destacan: el laser de erbium YAG (29), que da lugar a menos pigmentacion y a dejar una cicatriz menor que si se utiliza el laser de dioxido de carbono, la aplicacion o empleo de agentes topicos, sinteticos y tecnicas quirurgicas de remocion como el metodo de escalpado incisivo sobre las lesiones visibles (en mejillas y areas afectadas del rostro), de tal manera que el procedimiento mas apropiado seria aquel que comprenda mayor grado de simplicidad, mayor efectividad y con un minimo de efectos colaterales.
Multiple osteoma cutis lesions associated whit acne.
Progressive extensive osteoma cutis associated with dysmorphic features: a new syndrome?