osteogenic tissue

os·te·o·gen·ic tis·sue

fibrous connective tissue with the capacity to form osseous tissue.
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reviewed MSC sheets in osteogenic tissue engineering.
(1) The mechanisms of fracture healing with growth factors provide stimulus, and the surrounding soft tissues provide nourishment for undifferentiated mesenchymal cells for a new osteogenic tissue. However, it is still unclear which factors or combinations thereof favor this process [35].
Finally, the integrity of the osteogenic tissue was protected in the T.
This timed scheme of an initial inflammatory stimulation, followed by a subsequent anti-inflammatory treatment, could hold a remarkable potential in the field of G-MSC-mediated osteogenic tissue regeneration.
For our purposes, this review will focus on the tissue engineering/tissue regeneration/tissue repair of osteogenic tissue with MSC sheets.
Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Use in Cell Sheet-Based Osteogenic Tissue Engineering
BDSCs Successfully Differentiate into Osteogenic Tissue. The BDSCs derived from 72 h of deprogramming and expansion in PBS, supplemented with MCSF and gentamicin sulphate [23-26], were plated and presented typical morphological features of stemness such as reduced small size, roundish shape, and, in vitro, a disposition to a "string of pearls" morphology (Figure 1(a)).
Our findings indicated that synovial MSCs from the knee joints have superior capability of giving rise to adipogenic and osteogenic tissues compared to those from the hip joints.