osteogenic cell

os·te·o·gen·ic cell

one of the cells in the inner layer of the periosteum that develop into osteoblasts.
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Based on the extensive research at Duke University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, COALESCE's porous PEEK architecture, with 60% porosity and 300 mm average pore size, is specifically tailored to elicit the optimal osteogenic cell response and promote bone tissue ingrowth inside the pores, concluded the company.
Non-canonical Wnt signaling and N-cadherin related beta-catenin signaling play a role in mechanically induced osteogenic cell fate.
The ability to create a three-dimensional osteogenic cell culture is an essential step in the creation of bioengineered three-dimensional osteogenic constructs for bone healing.
Hydroxyapatite has been established to be an excellent carrier of osteoinductive growth factors and osteogenic cell populations, which greatly add to their utility as bioactive delivery vehicles in the future (102).
These events induce an increase in osteogenic cell number and consequently ossification.
Establishment of a clonal osteogenic cell line from newborn mouse calvaria.
Kim, Osteogenic cell attachment to degradable polymers.
The BBRC publication describes the cell population as having a high propensity to differentiate into chondrogenic and osteogenic cell types or cartilage and bone like cells, potentially leading to their use for orthopedic indications.
We propose to investigate the extrinsic microenvironment components synthesized by young, embryonic-like osteogenic cells derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells, and test their potential to enhance the function of endogenous bone and vascular cells.
Another possible explanation is that localized trauma induces a metaplastic change of multipotent connective tissue cells into osteogenic cells, which then lay down stroma and calcify.