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Macroscopic examination of the curettage specimen showed multiple, irregular fragments of rubbery, red-tan soft tissue, and white-tan hard osteocartilaginous tissue.
DISCUSSION: Osteochondroma Synonym(s): solitary osteocartilaginous exostosis [osteo- + G.
They can also arise in association with Paget disease of bone, osteocartilaginous exostosis, and bone trauma.
In the post-surgical histological examination of this structure, extrasynovial osteochondroma was reported in the IFP since the well-differentiated osteocartilaginous tissue was surrounded by fibroadipose tissue and contained hemosiderin pigments.
It may be cartilaginous, osteocartilaginous or osseous.
Giant cell tumors of the larynx (GCTL) are extremely rare benign tumors arising in the osteocartilaginous tissue of the larynx.
4) External otitis progresses from the external auditory canal to the temporal bone and the skull base via the fissure of Santorini and the osteocartilaginous junction.
This osteocartilaginous cage protects the heart and lungs as well as some abdominal organs such as the liver (Moore & Dalley 1999).
7%, respectively, residual one being associated with high degree of stigmatization and anomalies in development of osteocartilaginous tissue and urogenital system (Orekhov, Golubeva, and Barycheva, 2004).
Mental retardation with osteocartilaginous anomalies.
Spinal cord compression caused by osteocartilaginous exostoses of the spine in two dogs.
With prolonged cocaine inhalation, osteocartilaginous necrosis may extend to the turbinates, paranasal sinuses and hard palate.