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1 abbreviation for osteopath.
2 abbreviation for osteopathy.
3 pertaining to bone osteology-study of bones.

Patient discussion about osteo

Q. My GP told me I suffer from osteo-arthritis. What does it mean? I am a 67 year old female that is in retirement. I went to my GP because I suffer from osteo-arthritis. What does it mean? I always thought that arthritis is a systemic disease and that it is called Rheumatoid arthritis. Are there really two different arthritis diseases or is it two names for the same situation?

A. There are several diffent types of arthritis and the type your doctor says you have can also be helped by taking glucosatrin or glucosamine.There is also a natural anti-inflammatory called OPC-3 that will REALLY help with the pain. Research it on the internet. Since it's all natural, it won't harm your liver like a lot of pain medicine can.

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