osseous defect

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os·se·ous de·fect

(osē-ŭs dēfekt)
Any imperfection or absence of bony structures.
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PRF can promote the healing of osseous defects by the following mechanisms.
This combination of pericranial flap and bone was mobilized and shaped to conform and fill the anterior fossa osseous defect (figure 2, B).
In a recent study involving a canine model, the application of rhTGF-[beta]1 in conjunction with nonresorbable barrier membrane greatly enhanced bone regeneration in oral osseous defects (after 2 months) (6).
Another research study used human mesenchyme to repair an osseous defect in a dog.
Reestablishment of shoulder stability requires recognition of osseous defects of the humeral head and glenoid and their contribution to instability.
In the present case clinical success might be attributed to elimination of the local factor for supragingival and subgingival plaque accumulation by filling the groove with a restorative material and treating the osseous defect with bone filler.
The iliac crest osseous defect provides a rigid ring against which repeated elevation in abdominal pressure can result in disruption of soft tissues and herniation of the abdominal contents.
A radiograph taken 6 months (Figure 17) after the surgery revealed bone fill of the previously existing osseous defect in #22 and the gingival health was satisfactory in #12.
When implanted into bony defects of the periodontium, GEM 21S has been shown to speed clinical (tissue) attachment level (CAL) gain, reduce gingival recession and improve bone growth resulting in increased bone fill of the osseous defect.
Osteohealth is responsible for the worldwide marketing, sales, distribution, and post-approval development of GEM 21S for additional indications including the repair or reconstruction of cranio-maxillofacial osseous defect indications.
When implanted in an osseous defect, Bioglass greatly accelerates the body's natural healing processes.
Malvern manufacturer of bone growth materials, announced Monday that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has stated that it will issue a Reexamination Certificate reconfirming the patentability of all claims of United States Patent 5,204,106 for a Process for Restoring an Osseous Defect or Deficiency by Filling with Osseous Tissue.