osseous defect

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os·se·ous de·fect

(osē-ŭs dēfekt)
Any imperfection or absence of bony structures.
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Various techniques, including free bone grafts or the use of metallic mesh, have been used as a more durable repair of the osseous defect of the anterior fossa floor.
This review will focus on osseous defects of the humeral head (Hill-Sachs lesion) and address the pathoanatomy, diagnosis, indications, and surgical techniques for the treatment of these lesions.
Treatment of nonunions and osseous defects with bone graft and calcium sulfate.
The article describes the rationale for, and characteristics of, the OsteoSponge, summarizing the results from preclinical and human studies, and includes a discussion of the strengths and limitations of different types of bone graft for the treatment of osseous defects.
The recently cleared device, OrthoFill(TM) Bone Void Filler, is indicated to be gently packed into the bony voids or gaps of the extremities and pelvis that are caused by trauma or surgery (including surgically created osseous defects for the harvest of the bone) and are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure.
the extremities, spine and pelvis), and these defects may be surgically created osseous defects or bone defects due to traumatic injury to the bone.
Skelite(TM) has been approved for the repair of osseous defects in the extremities, spine, and pelvis.
In total, the company's exclusively formulated bone graft substitute has been used for the repair of osseous defects throughout the skeletal system for over a decade in more than a million clinical applications with unparalleled success validating the safety and efficacy of NovaBone's technology.