osmotic nephrosis

os·mot·ic ne·phro·sis

swelling of renal tubular epithelium associated with glomerular filtration of sugars and dextrose; the swelling is due to formation of cytoplasmic vesicles by pinocytosis, and is reversible, probably with no dysfunction, when corrected by glucose or mannitol therapy.
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Some of these cases were subsequently proven by renal biopsy to be consistent with osmotic nephrosis. The characteristic histology (sucrose nephropathy) is described and shown below.
Certain rare conditions may be seen in higher numbers than usual as a consequence of the shortages induced, e.g., osmotic nephrosis.
Because HOCM and other high-osmolar solutions can cause a distinct histological pattern with vacuolization of tubular cells (osmotic nephrosis) these alterations were thought to rely on osmotic forces.
It also appears to be capable of producing acute tubular injury, leading to osmotic nephrosis and acute tubular necrosis.