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Relating to osmosis.
Synonym(s): osmolar


Relating to osmosis.
Synonym(s): osmolar.


(oz-mō′sĭs) [Gr. osmos, impulse, + osis, condition]
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The passage of solvent through a semipermeable membrane that separates solutions of different concentrations. The solvent, usually water, passes through the membrane from the region of lower concentration of solute to that of a higher concentration of solute, thus tending to equalize the concentrations of the two solutions. The rate of osmosis is dependent primarily upon the difference in osmotic pressures of the solutions on the two sides of a membrane, the permeability of the membrane, and the electric potential across the membrane and the charge upon the walls of the pores in it. See: illustration

reverse osmosis

A form of water treatment that removes infectious particles and dissolved ions more effectively than other water purification techniques. Water so purified can be used in hemodialysis.
osmotic (oz-mot′ik), adjectiveillustration


Relating to osmosis.
Synonym(s): osmolar.


adj pertaining to osmosis.
osmotic pressure,


emanating from or pertaining to the pressure of osmosis.

osmotic concentration
concentration of osmotically active particles in solutions.
osmotic fragility
the susceptibility of red blood cells to hemolyze in hypotonic saline solutions; may be used as a test of red cell fragility when a series of increasing concentrations is used. See also erythrocyte fragility.
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25] investigated the effect of osmotic stress on alfalfa genotypes and reported that resistant genotypes show more and faster reactions than susceptible species in terms of proline accumulation, i.
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To determine if hemolysate aging resulted in ammonia production, an EDTA whole blood sample was treated per osmotic shock protocol to prepare the hemolysate, except that the hemolysate was split into 2 portions after the addition of water and before freezing.
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That's one of the surprising findings from a new report called Osmotic Power: A Primer, which identifies the early leaders and commercial opportunities in osmotic power today for investors, entrepreneurs, utilities, large corporations and service providers.
High concentration of salts in soil water can reduce the water availability to plants through osmotic effects, resulting in growth reduction.
Osmotic power is a renewable and emissions-free energy source that Statkraft has been researching into for 10 years and that will be capable of making a substantial global contribution to eco-friendly power production.
As well as having effective antibacterial properties, honey has an osmotic action meaning its high sugar content actively draws fluid from the wound helping the body to dissolve and remove dead tissue.
The role of low intravascular oncotic pressure as a cause of outward fluid movement has been overstated, as experimental models and most patients with nephrotic syndrome do not show a decreased transcapillary osmotic gradient.