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Referring to a mass or appearance characterised by a rounded mass with multiple superficial bossellations, which has been likened to a mulberry or cluster of grapes
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Easily propagated from seeds, cuttings or sprouts from the roots, Osage orange is tolerant of a wide range of soils, resistant to drought, long-lived, and affected little by insects or disease.
Dense stands of Osage orange, oak, sycamore, hackberry, walnut, and pecan provide food and bedding areas for deer.
Peattie said that it is documented that the Montana Blackfeet had "prized bows of Osage orange, which they obtained by barter" as did the Kiowas, who "carried superb bows of bois d'arc, ornamented with brass nails, silver plates, and wampum beads.
Bows include Bear, Martin, and the handsome Wilkinson, such as the Mountain Hunter Recurve with Osage orange limbs.
Your Damascus blade with the Osage orange handle is beautiful.
I decided it would look nice with handle scales made from Osage orange wood cut on the farm.
The quality of different types of wood will be region-specific, but typically Osage orange (if you're in the Great Plains), red and white oak, hickory, ash and hard maples are among the best in terms of British thermal units (BTU--our measurement for quantifying the heat value of fuel).
I've had excellent luck with a 20-ton gasoline-powered unit and have successfully split dry and green red oak crotches, elm and Osage Orange up to 22 inches in diameter.
Editor-in-Chief Hank Will spends significant time in his workshop crafting such things as hontemade hay rakes, fence posts and gates, and kitchen islands with integrated butcher blocks out of the Osage Orange and other trees on his Osage County.
The following morning, after a bit of measuring and figuring, we headed off to the woodlot and cut sufficient Osage Orange and Hackberry saplings to make a pair of 5-bar pasture gates that would collectively span 14 feet, meeting in the middle.
l actually used the splitting maul in the photo to open up the log before using an Osage Orange billet to drive the froe.