os calcis

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, gen. and pl.


(kal-kā'nē-ŭs, -kā'nē-ī),
1. The largest of the tarsal bones; it forms the heel and articulates with the cuboid anteriorly and the talus superiorly. Synonym(s): calcaneal bone, calcaneum, heel bone, os calcis
2. Synonym(s): talipes calcaneus
[L. the heel (another form of calcaneum)]
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(os) (os'a) plural.ossa [L. os, bone] Bone.

os calcis


os coxae

Innominate bone.

os hamatum

The hooked bone on the ulnar side of the distal row of the carpus (wrist). Synonym: unciform bone

os hyoideum

The horseshoe-shaped bone lying at the base of the tongue. Synonym: hyoid bone

os ilium


os innominatum

The innominate (hip) bone.

os magnum

The third bone in the second distal row of the carpus. Synonym: capitatum

os orbiculare

The tiny bone in the ear that becomes attached to the incus, forming the lenticular process.

os peroneum

A bone occasionally found in the tendon of the peroneus longus muscle.

os planum

1. Flat bone; any bone that has only a slight thickness.
2. The orbital plate of the ethmoid bone.

os pubis

The pubic bone; the anteroinferior part of the hip bone. In the adult, it and the ilium and ischium form the pelvic bone. The superior and inferior rami unite medially to form the pubic symphysis; at its lateral end the pubic bone forms approx. one fifth of the acetabulum.

os scaphoideum

Scaphoid bone.

os temporale

Temporal bone.

os trigonum

A bone of the foot that develops from an extra center of ossification along the posterior surface of the talus.

os unguis

Lacrimal bone.

os vesalianum

A bone that develops from the ossification of the posterior tubercle of the fifth metatarsal.
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Symptoms of marked pain are produced by medial and lateral compression (squeezing) of the heel at the site where the calcaneal apophysis attaches to the main body of the os calcis. There is no pain on plantar, posterior, or retrocalcaneal pressure, or adjacent to the Achilles tendon.
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The system consists of two transducers, one acting as the transmitter and the other as the receiver, with the ultrasound beam propagating laterally through the centre of the os calcis. A sequence of discrete pulses (100-600 kHz; centre frequency, 500 kHz), is used and BUA--the rate of loss of ultrasonic intensity with frequency, resulting from the interaction of ultrasound in the medium in which its propagates--measured in dB/MHz using Fourier transformation of the recorded signal.
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