orthostatic proteinuria

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an excess of serum proteins in the urine, such as in renal disease, after strenuous exercise, or in dehydration.
accidental proteinuria (adventitious proteinuria) proteinuria due not to a kidney disease but to some other condition such as hemorrhage in the urinary tract; called also false proteinuria.
athletic proteinuria effort proteinuria.
dietetic proteinuria (digestive proteinuria) functional proteinuria produced by the eating of certain foods.
effort proteinuria functional proteinuria occurring as a result of vigorous and prolonged exercise of the lower limbs; called also athletic proteinuria.
false proteinuria adventitious proteinuria.
functional proteinuria any proteinuria that is not due to renal disease, such as the transient proteinuria of pregnancy, effort proteinuria, and orthostatic proteinuria.
glomerular proteinuria the most common kind of proteinuria, being due to glomerular disease and abnormal permeability of the glomerular capillaries to protein.
orthostatic proteinuria a form of functional proteinuria, usually seen between the ages of ten and twenty, that occurs on standing erect and disappears on lying down.
overflow proteinuria that due to hemoglobin, myoglobin, or immunoglobulin loss into the urine due to excessive amounts in the bloodstream, such as in multiple myeloma; it is not usually associated with glomerular or tubular disease.
tubular proteinuria proteinuria due to excretion of proteins of low molecular weight such as immunoglobulins, which normally should be reabsorbed.
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or·tho·stat·ic al·bu·min·ur·i·a

the appearance of albumin in the urine when the patient is erect and its disappearance when recumbent.
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orthostatic proteinuria

Protein present in the urine only when the patient has been standing. It is not present when the patient is in bed.
Synonym: postural proteinuria
See also: proteinuria
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In teens, a normal result on first morning urine almost always indicates orthostatic proteinuria.
Asymptomatic proteinuria often represents orthostatic proteinuria.
There is very little diurnal variation in protein excretion in those patients with significant renal disease, but it may be significant in healthy individuals and those with minimal or moderate renal impairment with either orthostatic proteinuria or proteinuria from strenuous exercise.