orthostatic albuminuria

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or·tho·stat·ic al·bu·min·ur·i·a

the appearance of albumin in the urine when the patient is erect and its disappearance when recumbent.
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(al-bu-mi-noo're-a) [ albumen + -uria]
The presence of easily detectable amounts of albumin in the urine. Albuminuria is a common sign of renal impairment, e.g., nephrotic syndrome; it also occurs in fever, malignant hypertension, and in healthy people after vigorous exercise. albuminuretic (noo-ret?ik), adjective, albuminuric (-noor'ik), adjective. See: microalbuminuria; nephritis; nephrosis

cyclic albuminuria

Presence of small amounts of albumin in the urine at regular diurnal intervals, esp. in childhood and adolescence.

digestive albuminuria

Albuminuria following ingestion of certain foods.

extrarenal albuminuria

Albuminuria due to contamination of urine with pus, chyle, or blood.

functional albuminuria

Intermittent or temporary albuminuria not associated with a pathological condition.

intrinsic albuminuria

Albuminuria due to renal disease.

orthostatic albuminuria

Postural albuminuria.

postural albuminuria

Transient albuminuria in normal people who have been erect for a long time. Synonym: orthostatic albuminuria
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orthostatic albuminuria

The presence of small amounts of albumin in the urine in the absence of demonstrable kidney disease. The condition occurs rarely in young people. Urine formed during the night while the affected person is recumbent is free from albumin. Orthostatic (or postural) albuminuria is not believed to be of significance.
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