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1. pertaining to the correction of deformities of the musculoskeletal system.
2. pertaining to orthopedics.
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, orthopedic (ōr'thō-pē'dik),
Relating to orthopedics.
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Refers to surgery on the supporting structures of the body-bones, joints, ligaments, muscles.
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Relating to orthopedics.
Synonym(s): orthopaedic.
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Q. Can flat feet be repaired by surgery? I have flat feet and I’m looking for all sorts of treatments for it- I heard there is a surgery for it- is it helpful?

A. As far as I know- they don’t treat flat feet that are asymptomatic. So first of all check if it bothers you. secondly there are 2 kinds of flat feet- rigid and flexible. There are different and treated differently. Not always a surgery (which is very painful and costly) is needed– I went to a Rolf method therapist by the advice of my orthopedic and it’s much better now. Ask an orthopedic.

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Tangible Solutions is a Contract Manufacturer of 3D Printed Titanium Orthopedic Implants.
As the apex hospital, the POC shall be responsible for statistical registries such as for trauma and general orthopedic conditions, including degenerative arthritis, scoliosis, musculo-skeletal tumors, and others.
It is also driven by the ongoing commercialisation of orthopedic bracing and support products, affordability and easy availability of OTC orthopedic braces (as compared to prescription-based products), a rising public participation in sports, easy accessibility of OTC orthopedic braces and supports through e-commerce websites, and the adoption of orthopedic braces for preventive care.
Perhaps one of the most difficult hurdles for Williams during his reign, however, will be meeting the educational needs of orthopedic surgeons, one of the most diverse groups in the medical profession.
North America is the largest market for orthopedic trauma fixation devices, while the Asia-Pacific region is witnessing the fastest growth of orthopedic trauma fixation.
The loans have been used for the refinancing of a multi-tenant office building at 1505 Wigwam Parkway in Henderson, owned by a group of orthopedic surgeons that are partners in Nevada Orthopedic & Spine Center LLP.
After successfully completing the one -year program, students receive their certificate in orthopedic technology and are eligible to sit for the national certification exam administered by the National Board of Certified Orthopedic Technologists.
Dubai Bone and Joint Center (DBAJ), in pursuing the mission to become the premier center for musculoskeletal treatment and research in the Middle East, is further addressing the regional rise of orthopedic injuries and illness through the appointment of Dr.
The following week, the resident went to her scheduled office visit with the orthopedic physician.
While these first orthopedic surgeons paved the road for implants, medical science has come a long way in the last 50 years as today's implants are revolutionary in both design and materials.
Reference Material (RM) 8456, an orthopedic grade Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), became available in October 2000.