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A radiographic process that takes into account the jawline; by doing so, teeth in proximity of tissues can be readily visualized.
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Comparative efficacy of spiral computed tomography and orthopantomography in preoperative detection of relation of inferior alveolar neurovascular bundle to the impacted mandibular third molar.
There were no bony changes in the orthopantomography and occlusal radiography examinations, and all of the associated teeth were shown to be vital using electrical pulp testing (Figure 1).
Caption: Figure 1: (a) Initial orthopantomography. (b) Preoperative clinical view.
Orthopantomography was indicated and revealed five impacted teeth and, in the mandibular arch, fused roots of left lateral incisor and left canine (Figure 3).
Caption: Figure 3: Orthopantomography revealed multiple dental anomalies: hypodontia, radicular fusion of 3.2-3.3, and impacted permanent teeth.
After sectioning the old prosthesis, the affected tooth was atraumatically extracted, and an orthopantomography (OPT) was collected (Figure 3).
The orthopantomography was considered for a long time the ideal examination, but it has now been replaced by the CT scan because sometimes only 3D imaging allows identifying the problem [7-10].