orthopantomograph (ôr´thōpan´tōmōgraf),

n a radiographic system (manufactured by Siemens) that uses three axes of rotation to obtain a panoramic radiograph of the dental arches and their associated structures.
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The orthopantomograph revealed the absence of maxillary and mandibular incisors with the absence of developing/developed permanent teeth buds of the same.
Orthopantomograph revealed a well defined unilocular radiolucent lesion with sclerotic radiopaque marginsextending from 37, involving impacted third molar, ramus up to coronoid process and subcondylar region of right side of mandible (Figure 2).
Orthopantomograph of hemifacial microsomia patients
Bite-wing or orthopantomograph images reveal a well-defined, unilocular radiolucency with a smooth border, showing minimal bone expansion and even cortication; it is often associated with an unerupted tooth (figure 1).
1: Atlas Method: This is a holistic method where stages of mineralization in various teeth are col- lectively visualized in an orthopantomograph and matched with standard age images in an atlas.
Conventional panoramic radiographs of all the patients were taken by means of an orthopantomograph machine (Rotograph plus, model MR05, CEI Bologna Italy with the magnification of x 1.
The latter was performed on an orthopantomograph (Ortophos Plus PS[R], Siemens--Sirona Dental Company, Bensheim, Germany), working at 14 mA and variable kVp of 60.
Orthopantomograph showed healthy alveolar bone and ridges.
The tender process (divided into 2 lots) provides for the purchase of a digital orthopantomograph, a portable X-ray device and a multifunction radiological device for certain Health Authorities of the Veneto Region, to be allocated to the Penitentiary Institutes of Veneto.
An orthopantomograph was advised which showed well defined, irregularly oval radiopaque mass surface attached to the inferior border of the mandible in the left angle region (Figure 2).