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The enlarged SP may be visible on an orthopantogram or a lateral cephalometry.
Determination of the gonial angle from the orthopantogram. Angle orthod.
Orthopantogram revealed there was generalised horizontal bone loss with respect to both maxillary and mandibular arch.
Caption: Figure 3: Orthopantogram showing hypodontia with the presence of cone-shaped primary incisors, and three tooth buds of permanent teeth (incisors and canine), and totally edentulous mandible without any tooth buds of permanent tooth
Panorex Orthopantogram results were discussed as an outpatient care with the OFMS clinic.
Orthopantogram, x-ray face, CT head, USG abdomen all patients with isolated maxillofacial fractures were assessed by analyzing axial images and also with 3D reconstructed images and coronal MPRs, x-ray face as needed.
After taking full medical history, clinical examination and an orthopantogram, randomization was then done by convenience sample technique.
The radiographs used most commonly for diagnosis of condylar fractures are orthopantogram (OPG) and posteroanterior (PA) radiogram.17 The more advanced imaging techniques such as CT- scans CBCT and MRI are usually reserved for complex injuries of the condyle where surgical intervention is likely to be considered.
The degree of displacement of mandibular fracture was recorded from conventional radiographs like orthopantogram (OPG), posteroanterior view of the face (PA- face), right and left lateral oblique view of the mandible.
For diagnosis Orthopantogram (OPG) was the commonest radiograph used.
Diagnosis of Cervical spinal injuries were confirmed by clinical presentation and radiographic evaluation with or without neurologic deficits, the commonly radiographs were included orthopantograms, Para-nasal sinuses view, posterio-anterior views of the mandible, lateral and anterio-posterior views of cervical spine and where appropriate Computerized Tomography.