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, orthopedic (ōr'thō-pē'dik),
Relating to orthopedics.
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, orthopaedic (or″thō-pē′dĭk)
Concerning the prevention or correction of bone, joint, ligament, and muscular disorders.
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Relating to orthopedics.
Synonym(s): orthopaedic.
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Over the past year, the hospital has become a major orthopaedic centre specialising in hip and knee joint replacements and keyhole surgery.
Professor Damian Griffin, who heads the orthopaedic unit, said patients would see the benefits of the new theatre through reduced waiting times for orthopaedic surgery.
The society is an organization of orthopaedic surgeons and allied health professionals dedicated to educating health care professionals and the general public about sports medicine.
Reported by: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Serosurvey Study Committee.
In November 1984 the pair opened Intercity Orthopaedic, the first full-time private clinic of its type in Thunder Bay.
Among these, electric-powered orthopaedic prosthetics accounted for the highest revenues on the basis of technology type in 2015.
"This has been a great opportunity for every physical therapist to update their skills and acquire new knowledge in both paediatric and adult orthopaedic care.
With over 100 lectures delivered over 24 sessions and covering 14 different orthopaedic disciplines, it will surely play a very important role in the further development of orthopaedic services in the region, bringing them on par with the best worldwide and surely pave the way for cooperation in research and clinical studies.
Tasneem Ahsan remarked that though paediatic orthopaedics is being practiced individually by surgeons but on an organized basis Paediatric Orthopaedic facility is rarely available in Public and Private institutions in Pakistan.
Orthopaedic nurses play a vital role in providing professional, competent care to patients with musculoskeletal diseases.
Sethi previously was involved in a similar study of orthopaedic surgeons in Massachusetts that found comparable results, but this is the first to demonstrate defensive medicine practices are common throughout the country.

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