orthogonal radiographs

or·thog·o·nal ra·di·o·graphs

(ōr-thog'ŏ-năl rā'dē-ō-grafs)
Two radiographs imaged 90 degrees apart; used in planning the treatment process for radiation.
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Warmth and swelling were assessed on physical examination; orthogonal radiographs of the affected ankle were reviewed at the 2-month follow-up, which showed catastrophic fixation failure, osteopenia, periarticular fragmentation, and dislocation of the ankle joint (Figures 1a & 1b).
The seed is deposited in or adjacent to the targeted lesion through the needle, and position is confirmed on 2 view orthogonal radiographs. At the time of excision, the surgeon localizes the seed with a gamma probe, similar to the procedure for localizing a sentinel lymph node.
Keywords: Eccentric radiographs, endodontics, gold standard, orthogonal radiographs, reproducibility
The scores based on the orthogonal radiographs and the photographs of the segmented roots (42 cases) were compared and differences for parameters 2 and 4, respectively were tested using Wilcoxon signed-rank test, whereas the percentage agreement between the scores was calculated for parameter 1.
A comparison between the orthogonal and mesio-angulated radiographs for question one showed agreement in 78% of the cases; the score was higher for the orthogonal radiographs in 10% of the cases, whereas a higher score was seen for the eccentric radiographs in 12% of the cases.
However, what may appear as adequate on CT images to a radiologist may not be acceptable because fiducial tracking is obtained using orthogonal radiographs, from which digitally reconstructed radiographs are made.2 This may result in overlapping markers which will not be usable.
The positions of these guide-wires were checked on orthogonal radiographs (Fig.
All of the surface replacement heads were within 20% of their intended experimental positions as determined by orthogonal radiograph measurements (Table 2).
Orthogonal radiographs revealed microhepatica and possible ventricular distension as well as a multilobular soft tissue opacity in the area of the gonads and kidneys (Fig 1).
Two standard orthogonal radiographs were taken of all samples by using a Kodak Directview Classic CR System (Carestream, Rochester, NY, USA) with a consistent film focus distance of 100 cm and an exposure of 50 kVp and 3.2 mA.
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