orthognathic surgery

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sur·gi·cal or·tho·don·tics

the correction of occlusal abnormalities by the surgical repositioning of segments of the mandible or maxillae containing one to several teeth; or the bodily repositioning of entire jaws to improve function and esthetics.

orthognathic surgery

reconstruction of the mandible, the maxilla, or both, performed to repair acquired or congenital facial defects like cleft palate. Surgery is usually not performed until the patient has enough permanent teeth to permit postoperative immobilization. Although an oral and maxillofacial surgeon performs the surgery, an orthodontist and sometimes a speech and language therapist are involved in the planning. Root canal surgery is a common complication.

orthognathic surgery

Surgery performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a craniofacial surgeon to correct conditions affecting the jaw and face related to structural defects, growth and dysgenesis, sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, malocclusion problems owing to skeletal disharmony, or other orthodontic problems which cannot be easily treated with braces.

or·thog·nath·ic sur·ger·y

(ōrthog-nathik sŭrjĕr-ē)
Operative intervention to alter relationships of the dental arches and/or supporting bone.
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In addition to being Scottsdale Invisalign specialists the practice provides the latest orthodontic technology and procedures including orthognathic surgery, Speed Braces, iBraces, as well as Damon clear brackets using Insignia and Invisalign.
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Both comprehensive and concise, this illustrative operative manual for surgical and orthodontic consultants and trainees, as well as technical and nursing staff, describes the fundamentals of orthognathic surgery, from general assessment and imaging to types of surgeries and complications.
Patients with micrognathia can often be better served by orthognathic surgery.