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orthodontic (ôr´thədän´tik),

adj pertaining to the orthopedic correction of abnormal dental relationships, including related abnormalities in facial structures.
orthodontic appliances,
n.pl See appliance.
orthodontic appliances, functional,
orthodontic appliances, removable,
orthodontic bracket,
n See bracket.
orthodontic retainer,
orthodontic toothbrush,
n See bi-level orthodontic toothbrush.
orthodontic wire,
n See wire.


pertaining to orthodontia.

orthodontic applicance
intraoral devices used to carry out orthodontic procedures, e.g. to correct abnormalities of occlusion; may be fixed or removable.
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Cobourne, Alignment efficiency of Damon3 self-ligating and conventional orthodontic bracket systems: a randomized clinical trial, Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop, 134(4), 470.
Ceramics used in orthodontic brackets have highly localized, directional atomic bonds.
Moskowitz stated that "Clarity" incorporated several substantial technological improvements over its current Transcend(TM) ceramic orthodontic bracket.
After the initial polishing, the cup can be removed and the tip used for greater access to gingival and proximal areas, veneer margins, around implants and orthodontic brackets.
Viazis, a Texas orthodontist who invented and patented triangular orthodontic brackets, contracted an exclusive license with GAC International, Inc.
In addition, the OrthoCAD iQ[TM] system allows orthodontists to go beyond study models to simulate treatment strategies and select and execute the most appropriate treatment plan that includes more optimal positioning of orthodontic brackets.
SeLECT Defense technology offered 100% prevention of the development of clinically visible white spot lesions around orthodontic brackets with elastomeric rings, while 40% chlorhexidine varnish, a commonly used coating, offered limited protection.
Since an injury to the face could damage orthodontic brackets or other fixed orthodontic appliances, a properly fitted mouthguard is particularly important for individuals who wear braces.
Align and Ormco have also agreed upon an exclusive collaboration over the next seven years to develop and market an orthodontic product that combines the Invisalign system with Ormco's Insignia orthodontic brackets and arch wires system to treat the most complex cases.
Some uses of CRDN's materials include armor for military helicopters, missile nose cones, body armor for soldiers, diesel engine components, ceramic industrial products, and orthodontic brackets.
Current applications of ceramics in dentistry include dental restorations, crowns, veneers, implants and orthodontic brackets.
Commercial products include translucent orthodontic brackets (braces).