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orthodontic (ôr´thədän´tik),

adj pertaining to the orthopedic correction of abnormal dental relationships, including related abnormalities in facial structures.
orthodontic appliances,
n.pl See appliance.
orthodontic appliances, functional,
orthodontic appliances, removable,
orthodontic bracket,
n See bracket.
orthodontic retainer,
orthodontic toothbrush,
n See bi-level orthodontic toothbrush.
orthodontic wire,
n See wire.


pertaining to orthodontia.

orthodontic applicance
intraoral devices used to carry out orthodontic procedures, e.g. to correct abnormalities of occlusion; may be fixed or removable.
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The two year orthodontic plan includes retainers and follow up visits.
On the basis of product, the global orthodontic supplies market is divided into three major categories, namely, fixed braces, removable braces, and orthodontic adhesives.
In this report, the market has been segmented on the basis of product (removable braces, orthodontic adhesives & fixed braces) and countries.
In this report, the global orthodontic supplies market has been segmented on the basis of products into fixed braces and removable braces.
Those who were undergoing orthodontic treatment or who had completed orthodontic treatment earlier or suffering from any other systemic diseases were excluded from the study.
The government body tasked with tackling public health issues has also questioned whether the current spending on orthodontic services was sustainable amid continuing austerity.
The lengthy waiting times for orthodontic treatment, both in primary and secondary care, has resulted partially from a chronic underfunding of orthodontic care," she said.
During orthodontic treatment, orthodontic wires are used as fixed appliances to apply forces to the teeth.
We planned our treatment with endodontic treatment with 21 and 22 followed by orthodontic extrusion with 22 and placement of crown with 22.
Miethke, who will present a paper at the concluding session of the event on Sunday, will discuss the popular Invisalign system, the socalled invisible braces commonly favoured by adult patients who are conscious of their appearance during orthodontic treatment.