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orthodontic (ôr´thədän´tik),

adj pertaining to the orthopedic correction of abnormal dental relationships, including related abnormalities in facial structures.
orthodontic appliances,
n.pl See appliance.
orthodontic appliances, functional,
orthodontic appliances, removable,
orthodontic bracket,
n See bracket.
orthodontic retainer,
orthodontic toothbrush,
n See bi-level orthodontic toothbrush.
orthodontic wire,
n See wire.


pertaining to orthodontia.

orthodontic applicance
intraoral devices used to carry out orthodontic procedures, e.g. to correct abnormalities of occlusion; may be fixed or removable.
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The Latin American orthodontic supplies market has been segmented into three broad segments fixed braces, removable braces, and orthodontic adhesives.
But the responses raise the spectre that NHS-funded orthodontic care could be dramatically scaled back unless funding is raised dramatically.
concluded that orthodontic treatment is not related to an increased likelihood of hypersensitivity reactions to nickel unless there is a history of skin piercing [13].
However, if the teeth are crowded and they are jutting out very far, sometimes removing teeth is needed to get the best orthodontic result.
Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter, said: "It is certainly very pleasing to see awareness in orthodontic treatment increase, particularly among teenagers and young adults.
When these baby teeth are overretained--when they are not shed on schedule--the result can be harmful cross-bite positions or impactions, which can become difficult orthodontic therapeutic challenges in a person with special needs.
In addition to the yearlong centennial celebration that began this spring, AAO also celebrates October as National Orthodontic Health Month.
Celebrating National Orthodontic Health Month means educating prospective patients about what treatment options are available to them, in addition to keeping current patients informed about orthodontic maintenance and their progress toward achieving a life-changing smile," said Dr.
GSO will provide access to affordable orthodontic care to underserved populations in Georgia.
The only orthodontic company ranked among this year's 500, OrthoAccel manufactures AcceleDent [sup.
005"),calcium hydroxide + iodoform paste (premixed),stainless steel orthodontic arch wire straight length (0.
DENTISTS who refer patients to more than one orthodontic waiting list in a bid to get them seen sooner should be fined, AMs have said.