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the branch of dentistry concerned with growth and development of orofacial structures, including irregularities of teeth, malocclusion, and associated facial problems.


That branch of dentistry concerned with the correction and prevention of irregularities and malocclusion of the teeth.
[ortho- + G. odous, tooth]


(ôr′thə-dŏn′shə) or




Branch of dentistry concerned with correction and prevention of irregularities and malocclusion of the teeth.
Synonym(s): dental orthopedics, orthodontia.
[ortho- + G. odous, tooth]

orthodontics, orthodontia

that branch of dentistry concerned with irregularities of teeth and malocclusion.
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Yet, many are unaware that, depending on the case, the treatment time for Invisalign can often be quicker than traditional orthodontia.
There goes my daughter's orthodontia payment this month," Will muttered, and shook his head.
While some supports can be provided at camp, what access is there beyond camp for needs such as mental-emotion health, dental and orthodontia, pharmacy, chiropractic services, and, for some, allied health practitioners (e.
Examples of expenses that can be submitted under an insured medical reimbursement plan include deductibles and coinsurance, dental care and orthodontia, annual physicals and preventive care, vision care (including eyeglasses and contact lenses), and treatments for nervous/mental disorders as well as drug and alcohol abuse.
Bridge the gap between teenagers whose orthodontia costs more than a client's yearly budget?
Increased sales of orthodontia and infection control products during 2009 were offset by weaker demand for implants, endodontic products and general dentistry consumables.
For the very few things that are not covered by national health insurance, such as orthodontia or glasses, complementary insurance plans are available to cover these services.
Sure, you may be counting down the days 'til contacts or brace-free teeth, but in the meantime, use these tools to play up your lab features: Find cute frames that fit your face (both Taylor Momsen and Hilary Duff have been spotted sporting cute specs) and get creative with your orthodontia by opting for multi-colored bands.
If a patient has orthodontia for overlapping teeth, or requires teeth to be removed due to lack of space, this is a symptom of having a narrow airway.
Consider offering a core benefit where the employer pays the premium for preventive care (exams, cleanings and X-rays) that everyone can use and allow employees to elect to purchase additional coverage like basic and major services, and possibly orthodontia.
The fund provides dental, orthodontia and eye care for children from needy families, putting smiles on their faces and giving them confidence to be successful in life.