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or·phan pro·ducts

drugs, biologicals, and medical devices (including diagnostic in vitro tests) that may be useful in either common or rare diseases but that are not considered commercially viable.
Synonym(s): orphan drugs
A minor child permanently bereft through death, disappearance, abandonment or desertion, separation or loss of both parents, who must be cared for by another, usually an adult, an agency, or who becomes wards of the state
Frequency Globally, orphans represent 7.6% of all children; China is lowest at < 1%; Africa is highest at 12%
Half orphan A child who has lost one parent
Maternal orphan A child who has lost the mother
Paternal orphan A child who has lost the father
Double orphan A child who has lost both parents


Social medicine A person, usually a dependent child, whose parents have died or are presumed dead and thus must be cared for by another person or agency


a newborn animal without a dam.

orphan virus
usually enteroviruses, that have no known disease attributed to them.

Patient discussion about orphan

Q. What do we do with her? She is an orphan and has only uncle and aunt who don’t want her. I am living with my roommate for the past 1 year. Something strange and new is happening these days. She wanders off somewhere, leaving me guessing. She won’t tell me where or for what purpose she goes. Someone`s valuables are often found in her bag. I am sure it’s been stolen by her. Her contacts with boys have increased and she is regularly going out with them. When I tried to advise her, she started her activities again but on a discreet note. I don’t know what’s happening. Nowadays she remains depressed and sad. She sleeps a lot. She has stopped going for her classes after she had a fight with our classmate. What do we do with her? She is an orphan and has only uncle and aunt who don’t want her.

A. she is a student? if so- any college or university has a psychologist standing by and ready to help in those kind of cases. if not- be a good friend. talk to her, try to show her that her life changed very fast in a very extreme way and she may need help. a psychiatrist maybe..
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Debilitating orphanhood results in other vulnerabilities for children.
Due to this well established relationship between poverty and HIV/AIDS, abject deprivation increases in orphanhood as children become vulnerable to extremes of starvation and hunger, sexual exploitation and abuse including child labour as farm and domestic workers.
They detailed how for a society to live decently, there must be decent family incomes and protection against the vicissitudes of a waged labor system: protection against unemployment (unemployment insurance); for aging, disability, and orphanhood (a system of annuities); for occupational injuries (workers' compensation); for illness and maternity (health insurance); and for the costs of raising children (allowances).
He has been made aware of his orphanhood, and he seeks to escape into a world of fantasy by entering into his father's sphere, that of police work.
Nonetheless, as AIDS mortality rises, growing numbers of children will be orphaned by the disease; the resulting impact on orphanhood rates in three hard-hit countries is shown in box 1.
Repressing his grief over his self-willed orphanhood, the American Adam wanders through the wilderness of Mother Nature in search of his lost father.
As Noah and Jesse Beckett, they continually snatch children and animals from the jaws of orphanhood, giving them a multiethnic brood of eight adopted kids and a menagerie of countless critters (including alligators and pythons).
Furthermore, concern regarding the paucity of data has been repeatedly expressed, yet data generated through the National Impact Survey (NIS) 1968, the Housing, Economic and Demographic (HED) survey 1973, on infant and child mortality and data on widowhood and orphanhood gathered in the PDS 1984 and 1988 have not been utilized.
5 million orphans, and about half of them are from HIV/AIDS, which gives you a sense of the catastrophic nature of orphanhood from HIV/AIDS.
A parental death can have a profound impact on children and young adults, and practitioners and researchers alike have emphasized the adverse consequences of orphanhood.
Debate has centred on the question of whether household poverty, or orphanhood and household illness (AIDS-related or otherwise), are the best criteria to use.
Hell, she read the story of a homeless girl, bandied between animals who tried to marry her, as it orphanhood were bursting with positive energy.