orphan receptor

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or·phan re·cep·tor

(ōr'făn rĕ-sep'tŏr)
A nuclear receptor for which no ligand has yet been identified.
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The report provides comprehensive information on the Atypical Chemokine Receptor 3 (Chemokine Orphan Receptor 1 or G-Protein Coupled Receptor 159 or G-Protein Coupled Receptor RDC1 Homolog or GPR159 or CXCR7), targeted therapeutics, complete with analysis by indications, stage of development, mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type.
This superfamily also possesses steroid hormone receptors, vitamin D, retinoid receptors and orphan receptors.
Expression profile of orphan receptor tyrosine kinase (ROR1) and Wilm's tumor gene 1 (WT1) in different subsets of B-cll acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
A significant association was identified between alterations in the RAR-related orphan receptor beta (RORB) gene, one of the circadian clock genes, and having bipolar disorder.
There are two classes of retinoid receptor, the RAR or retinoic acid receptor, which binds all-transretinoic acid, and RXR, or the so-called orphan receptor whose ligand is believed to be 9-cis-retinoic acid.
It is possible that the ncmER found in the endocrine pancreas may be a seven-transmembrane domain GPCR, as is the case with the orphan receptor GPR30, which behaves as an estrogen membrane receptor in breast cancer cells (Thomas et al.
The researchers could tell when an orphan receptor had hooked a molecule by monitoring signaling events, such as waves of calcium ions, in the cells.