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A term that refers to the patterning of the scutum (gray or white markings on a dark background) in ixodid ticks.
[L. ornatus, decorated]
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Ornateness, languidness, verbosity, circuitousness--these do more than steal the show; they ruin it.
Despite the attention most textbooks and art historical studies give to the narrative depictions of the Renaissance masters, it would seem that contemporaries often gave pride of place to such matters as ornateness, considering embellishment and general richness of major import -- surface qualities many prefer to associate more with the decorative tastes of the International Gothic.
Her poems are now stripped of their former ornateness.
The number and ornateness of the weather maps on local news, and the endlessly amazing developments in special-effects technology to observe climate changes and movements of impending "fronts" is truly mind-boggling.
of our devotion, bowed beneath the gold, captures beautifully the almost idolatorious ornateness of Hill's devotion, as well as the multiple levels of meaning that play off one another, undercutting and reconstituting its fabric.
From there, you can walk to your left several blocks along a tree-lined parkway to the opera house, whose ornateness rivals Vienna's.
For Arnold, naivete did not necessarily exclude a certain ornateness.