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A term that refers to the patterning of the scutum (gray or white markings on a dark background) in ixodid ticks.
[L. ornatus, decorated]
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Extended anacoluthon structure combines with occasional ornateness.
From there, you can walk to your left several blocks along a tree-lined parkway to the opera house, whose ornateness rivals Vienna's.
Not deceived by the ornateness of the gold and silver caskets, but philosophizing that true virtue is inward virtue, he chose the lead box.
For Arnold, naivete did not necessarily exclude a certain ornateness.
His later Rimskiye sonety ( Roman Sonnets ), written just before World War II, dispense with ornateness and archaism, achieving powerful effects in simple, direct lines.
The initial impression of the Model 78 is of graceful simplicity without ornateness.
With its mullioned windows, ornate gables, central cluster of chimneys and turreted wings, the Grade I listed Westwood House could eclipse even Droitwich's fa-mouChateau Impney in its architectural ornateness.
Alongside such ornateness, The Mission, perhaps To's masterpiece, looks scraped to the bone.
Linda Emond's performance is a technical marvel -- the monologue is full of sentences of an ornateness that would give Henry James pause -- but it's even more impressive for its gentle wit and warmth.
Color, texture, size, complexity, ornateness, simplicity, etc.
There is less fussy decoration -- the ornateness of the Plateresque seems to have been entirely exported to the old world.
Both the Sonoran Jesuit and later Franciscan fathers seemed to feel ornateness would impress their Indian converts.