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A term that refers to the patterning of the scutum (gray or white markings on a dark background) in ixodid ticks.
[L. ornatus, decorated]
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Ornate Gardens was advised by Jenny Moore and Roy Farmer of Dains Corporate Finance.
Ornate is probably just a shade below Group class, but sticking to five furlongs against lesser company on Merseyside, it will be disappointing if he cannot make his presence felt.
A minimalist hole-in-the-wall is preferable to an ornate mantle that doesn't fit in with your scheme.
His talk will focus on the sometimes ornate reverse painted artwork on the clocks with reference to Willard's move from Grafton to Roxbury, his influence in Washington DC, interpreting the painted glasses and the role of heraldry and history.
Open an interior design magazine this year, in 2014, and you will often see a single, highly ornate, eye-popping frame as the centerpiece of a room.
The ornate horse-drawn dray that carried Jason Lay's coffin and (inset) some of the messages left by mourners at his funeral.
On the wall to the right of that is an ornate pier glass mirror and table.
Gold mirrors are rich and opulent so, go on, give your home the Midas touch SCRIMP Swirl framed gold mirror PS99.99, dunelm-mill.com ORNATE and made from polyresin, this option is light and easy to hang but looks like a heavy antique.
The beautiful plainsong melodies (a simple and an ornate form) are variously given in the Ratisbon antiphonary and in the Solesmes "Liber Usualis" of 1908, the ornate form in the latter work, with rhythmical signs added, being very attractive.
The Queen and Duke will be seated on the vessel's top deck in ornate chairs under a gold coloured canopy and be joined by other members of the royal family.
A CHESTER store specialising in ornate French furniture is reporting a rush of orders in the run up to Christmas.
I WONDER if you can help me find a reproduction French white double headboard that's not too ornate or too expensive.