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A term that refers to the patterning of the scutum (gray or white markings on a dark background) in ixodid ticks.
[L. ornatus, decorated]
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Trainer Robert Cowell has Haydock hopeful Ornate running well
Approached along a tarmacadam drive, steps to the home lead up to an impressive Portland stone arched entrance with original timber studded door with cast iron knocker, handle and ornate letterbox.
Ms McKeown said: "We originally sold ornate French-style mirrors then expanded into furniture and then chandeliers.
ZENA SAYS: This style of bed is usually ornate with a distressed finish.
The renovations include two unique 6'x14' ornate bronze murals as well as two brand new 21st century security desks/visitor centers for the North and South sides of the building.
Artists from Southern California and beyond will converge on downtown Pasadena to draw ornate chalk creations covering approximately two city blocks.
When Joanna Kotze and Kathryn Sanders enter, the ornate curlicues they fashion with their arms and hands, as they travel randomly forward and backward through the rows and around the posts, present a radical contrast to the precise alignment of the poles.
Beads, doubloons, and trinkets galore tossed from ornate floats by festooned and costumed people made most other parades pale by comparison.
In the present study, we show that the heavy metal cadmium and the pesticide endosulfan produce such effects through an interaction of specific cerebral histamine receptor subtypes in the teleost ornate wrasse (Thalassoma pavo).
His paintings are ornate and vibrant, with textural parallels to the work of Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha.
Gay front man LD Beghtol (also of Moth Wranglers and the upcoming LD & the New Criticism) cushions his haunting crooning within superlush, ornate arrangements of strings, piano, and instrumental eclectica.
They considered water fleas, insect larvae, diatoms--microscopic algae with hard and often ornate silica shells--and other organisms.