original instructions

original instructions (ō·riˑ·j·nl in·strukˑ·shnz),

n according to Native American medicine, the guidance of the great spirit, written upon the heart of every individual; these instructions are followed to lead a healthy life.
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a) All computers should be supplied with the carriers operating systems (except computers ordered without operating systems) and media with drivers and additional software for all installed devices, and the original instructions given by the computer manufacturer.
That's right - a British road crossing, complete with orange Belisha beacons, and with original instructions for its correct positioning engraved in English on the glass frontage of a nearby French office building.
Time, then, for me to walk back to the parking meter ready to pay the night rate, all the while hoping that any ultra-zealous traffic wardens hadn't noticed that, in so doing, we had effectively contravened the original instructions that, before 6pm, parking was limited to half an hour.
The original instructions were lost long ago, so this proved to be an interesting endeavor.
The laws of nature, our original instructions, inform our relationship with water and the entire natural world.
The book reminds readers that "The Indian role in the entire venture, from Jefferson's original instructions to Lewis and Clark to the incalculable importance of native peoples to the success of the journey to historical developments in the decades following, has been fully described and interpreted, but almost exclusively from a white point of view.
For the first time, researchers artificially modified messenger RNA, and in doing so changed the original instructions for creating the protein.
The guiding principles of the original instructions were not abandoned, and the changes are not new "law.
And after his mates have studied his original instructions to work out what to do, back he comes.
Israel objected to the mission ordered by the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council in January because the original instructions were only to check what Israelis did to Palestinians.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, the images are shown with a reference to the issue (for those of you who have an entire set of magazines), and they can also be found, complete with the original instructions, on our website.
They are often sold without the original instructions, which makes fitting the device something of a lottery.